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Released on September 22nd...

Dr. Frank Lawlis  has helped thousands of families cope with learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, and emotional connections. Now he takes on the biggest difficulty that most of us, children and adults alike, face every day: stress. In THE STRESS ANSWER: Train Your Brain to Conquer Depression and Anxiety in 45 days (Viking; On-Sale date: September 22, 2008; 288 pages; $24.95; 978-0-670-01973-1), the chief content advisor for The Dr. Phil Show and bestselling author of The IQ Answer and Mending the Broken Bond gives a practical guide to recognizing and overcoming the stress in one’s life.


  70% of adults say they experience anxiety on a daily basis, and 30% report their anxiety levels are constant. Research has demonstrated that negative, stress-inducing life events can indeed compromise the immune system, making someone more susceptible to infections and diseases. If not properly taken care of, the interactions between emotional stress and the body can exacerbate (and even initiate) serious chronic diseases, such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain. Using stories and anecdotes from patients he’s worked with, THE STRESS ANSWER presents an easy-to-follow 45-day regiment to change the way the body and mind processes stress, which will lead to the ultimate stress release. Some of the helpful advice Dr. Lawlis provides in his plans includes:

·        Breathing techniques: taking quick, shallow breaths usually signals the brain that a threat exists, which stimulates a stress response, and therefore destructive thinking patterns. Conversely, taking slow, deep breaths usually signals the brain that the coast is clear and all is well

·        Proper nutrition: Dr. Lawlis gives a list of “brain healthy” foods, such as foods with Omega-3s, which combat depression, enhance learning and memory, and are major aids in brain plasticity

·        Playing games like Solitaire, Crossword Puzzles/Sudoku, and Scrabble will help the mind to focus

·        Listening to music: research shows that self-selected relaxing music significantly reduces anxiety and nervous system arousal.

·        Chewing gum: The act of chewing has been known to settles anxiety levels.


Anyone from ages 9 to 90 can benefit from the techniques that Dr. Lawlis outlines on THE STRESS ANSWER. I hope you will consider the book for feature or review. 


Interviews are available; requests should be made to:

Shannon Twomey


Viking, Penguin Books

375 Hudson St.

New York, NY 10014


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