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What if we could use more than 10% of our brains? According to Dr. Lawlis, bestselling author of The ADD Answer, not only are we more capable than we think, but we have the potential to make our brains many times more powerful.  This is especially true for kids who are struggling academically—kids whose parents and teachers know they could be doing better.  After years of research and helping individuals reach their full potential, in THE IQ ANSWER: Maximizing Your Child’s Potential (Viking; on sale 9/25/06; $24.95; 0-670-03784-2) Dr. Lawlis introduces thirteen groundbreaking steps that parents can use with their children and themselves to build a better brain and to overcome thinking patterns that hamper success through nutrition, breathing exercises, and more. For example:

  • Music, especially drum beats, stimulates the brain and allows information to be absorbed quicker and easier.
  • When stuck on negative or stressful thoughts, try breathing through one nostril and out of the other for a few minutes. This exercise works as a brain cleanser.
  • Certain foods, like milk, whole grains, and even chocolate, can affect moods in a positive way, allowing the brain to be free to think creatively.


THE IQ ANSWER is a mind, body, and soul approach to nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence.  Lawlis’s family-centered program will help students break academic plateaus and boost self-confidence.  With thousands of children diagnosed each year with ADD and other learning disabilities, THE IQ ANSWER is a powerful tool for any parent.

 “Every one of us has the potential to achieve great things. In THE IQ ANSWER, Dr. Lawlis applies his groundbreaking research to help every one of us face life’s challenges with more strength and creativity than we ever thought possible.  As a trusted friend and mentor for thirty years, he has certainly helped me and I believe THE IQ ANSWER can help you too.”

¾Dr. Phil McGraw

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